We did it!!!!  You did an amazing job finishing up 2nd grade strong!  I am so proud of each and everyone of you!  I thank all our families for working together to support your child's learning through these challenging times!  I will always hold you close to my heart!
Wishing you all the best in 3rd grade and at Ramtown!  I am always here for you! :)
Enjoy your summer!!!!
Mrs. Wolf & Mrs. Hanson
***Here are some resources for supporting your child during this time.***
Please check out the Remote Learning Assignments tab to the right for weekly assignments!  
Any questions, please let me know!






Be sure to log into Flipgrid. 

Use your child’s numeric password that is on the front of their folder that was sent home.




Mrs. Wolf’s Class Web Page Link:



Reading:Children could read from their book bags that were sent home, books at home or other sites that offer books. 


https://www.storylineonline.net/library/Famous people read books aloud.  Great site!

Epic: https://www.getepic.com/students- (Class log in: xpi7950) Students can read a variety of genres and they also offer read alouds for daily reading.

Raz Kids: https://www.raz-kids.com









Dear Families:


I hope you are all well! We are on to Week 2 of Remote Learning!  You are all doing an amazing job so far! J  I am so honored to be part of your learning and working with you during this time.  Mrs. Hanson wanted to let you all know that she misses you and is thinking of all of you. She is spending time home with her family!


THANK YOU for all of the support with your child at home. I know it can be challenging managing work, remote learning for your child(ren), maintaining a household and all of the other responsibilities that we have daily.  I APPRECIATE all of your efforts and applaud your strength during these challenging times.


**Please check the Remote Learning linkto the right for our weekly assignments.  I posted the entire week, hope this helps with your planning.


Please be sure to send me a picture (via e-mail or Class Dojo) of your child’s work for at least 2 assignments this week.  This will assure me that your child is completing the required assignments.  The Reading Response Journal will serve as a tool to record your child’s daily reading.  Be sure to log the title of the book and the date.


**Please work at your own pace.  If you child needs to be challenged, there are website to get extra practice.  There are several resources that I will be posting and please check the Websites link to the right to support your child’s learning.



Mystery Doug!  Please show to your children!  We watch Mystery Doug every week! J


Below is the log in info for Epic. This is a great reading site!


Class code: xpi7950
Stay well!
Mrs. Wolf :)
Dear Families,
I hope everyone is well!  What a beautiful day outside!  I am thinking of you all!
Please check the Website tab to the right.  I am adding some helpful resources for you all.  I also added a section for Social Emotional Learning.  I know some of my friends like to go on Calm.com.......check our their FREE resources to help ease any anxiety or stress you or your child may be experiencing during this time!
If you would like to share pictures with me, please e-mail them to me or share on Class Dojo. If students want to send me an e-mail I would love to hear from them as well! :)
Also, please be sure to use Twitter to share out pictures of your child working at home!  Greenville has their own account.
Any questions, please e-mail me (JWolf@howell.k12.nj.us).
If you need anything, let me know.  
Miss you all!
******Please check our Remote Learning Assignments Daily/Weekly!*******


Happy Father's Day!

Wishing our fathers and those that have special men in their life a Happy Father's Day!
Enjoy the beautiful day!

It's our final full week of school!  
Thank you for always supporting your children!
I have the best parents and appreciate working together all year with you!
Have a great week! :)
Enjoy the beautiful week ahead!
Reminder...tomorrow (Tuesday, 6/9) you will pick up your child's belongings (please check the e-mail for times) at Greenville.  Please adhere to the schedule in the e-mail.  
Please return any books from my class or the library, along with any work from the beginning of remote learning.
We will have a Talent Show on 6/10 in our Zoom Meeting!  I can't wait!
11 Days of school left!  Be sure to do our countdown on Seesaw!
Have an awesome week!
Virtual Spirit Week
We will have a Virtual Spirit Week this week!  
Let's have some fun!
I am ready for a great week together!  
I hope you are enjoying this beautiful weather.  We are moving along as we finish up 2nd grade.  I am so proud of you all!  Keep doing what you are doing!
Mrs. Wolf
Great week my friends!  I loved our Poetry Cafe!  You are all amazing poets!  Everyone is doing a nice job on their math.  Next week we will be learning about Time.  Soon we will be finishing up Mystery Science and will start a new unit.  Remember to water your seeds! We are continuing to work on our Series Book Clubs and will complete reading passages and comprehension questions.  
Enjoy the warm weather and get out and exercise.  Take time to play games with your family and enjoy a family dinner together, too!
All the best.....
Mrs. Wolf :)
I hope you all have an amazing day!  
Whether you are a Mother or a Special Lady in a child's life,
YOU are important and YOU are appreciated!  
Have a wonderful weekend!
Mrs. Wolf
field day
Today is Field Day!  Have fun!  Check out the e-mail I sent with ideas or go to Mrs. Delgaldo's webpage for an indoor and outdoor Scavenger Hunt!
Enjoy the beautiful day!  
Remember to wear your Greenville shirt and go to Flipgrid to talk about your day!
Love you all!
Mrs. Wolf
Happy Earth Day!
Do something kind to take care of the Earth!
I will be cleaning up the woods in my back yard.  We do this every year!  
I will definitely be signing for the next Beach Sweep, too!  
Hope you could join me! :)
Hello Families!  I hope everyone is well!  I sent the weekly assignments via e-mail and posted to our web page.  I look forward to having a great week together.  I can't wait for our Zoom Morning Meeting on Wed. at 12:00pm!
Any questions, let me know!
Love and miss you all......
Mrs. Wolf :)
Wishing you all a happy Spring Break!  Take this time to relax, recharge and renew! Thank you for your continued support at home.  Stay healthy & safe!
Mrs. Wolf

Mercy Watson Goes for a Ride Read Aloud

Listen and think about the text and the questions throughout. Think about the characters and what you already learned about them.
THANK YOU for your continued support!  I am so proud of all of you!  Your assignments and Flipgrid videos are wonderful! You are all working so hard and adapting to our Remote Learning!  Next week is a short week!  
We will do another Zoom Virtual Morning Meeting on Tuesday @ 12:00.  I will send another e-mail with details.  They are working out great and I love seeing my friends! Please be sure to work at your own pace.
Be sure to disconnect this weekend!  I am going to try my best!  If you have any questions, or just need to chat, let me know.  I am here for you all in anyway that I can support you!
Mrs. Wolf :)
I LOVE our Virtual Morning Meeting Zooms!  It is so nice to see you all!  I loved seeing your pets and stuffed animals!  We will do another next week!
Be sure to check out Seesaw and FlipGrid.  I see that you are reading books in Epic!  Way to go!
Did anyone get a letter from me???  I'd love to hear back from you! :)

Breathe....and Thank you!

Thank you all for your help in logging in to Seesaw, Flipgrid and Epic today!  As we become more familiar with these tools, it will be easier for everyone and for learning to take place.  
I am here to help through this process. Please e-mail me with any questions and/or concerns. (Jwolf@howell.k12.nj.us)
Stay healthy and safe!
~Mrs. Wolf