Welcome to Gator Nation!

Here are some activities I have come across while remote learning is in effect.  Enjoy! ~ Mrs. Coco :) 
Take a virtual trip to the Cape May County Zoo 


Big Life Journal

This site offers a number of free activities and resources for families to download and use at home with their children.   Parents can access these materials through their blog at the following link.  Once on the main site they also have the option to sign up for additional weekly “freebies.”

Mental Health Month

National Library Week

I share the books I have been reading lately. Do they have anything in common?
It looks like it the weather weather will become slightly warmer this week.  How about making a "mindfulness" hopscotch board that includes positive words about YOU or maybe your family? Remember: You are kind, you are smart, you are IMPORTANT! 
~Love, Mrs. Coco 
Do your best!
It's week 4 Gators and sounds like you got in a groove last week.  Continue to do your BEST! It's going to be a warm week.  Yippee! 

The Kindness Mantra

Good Morning Gators,
Each morning I have the opportunity to participate in a "Wellness Wake Up". Today this song was shared. The songwriter has also written the book, Breathe Like a Bear. You may have heard it from one of your teachers.  Be well and find joy today! :)