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If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me.  You can reach me by phone, drop me a note in your child’s homework folder, write in your child’s planner or email me at  I am always willing to talk to you about your child.



I’m looking forward to a great year!


Starting September 12th, your child will have homework Monday through Thursday.  Homework will always be a review/reinforcement of the day’s work.  Please sign in your child’s planner each night.   I know that sometimes there isn’t time for homework to be completed.  Please drop me a quick note if this is the case and I’ll gladly accept the homework the following day.



Your child’s papers will be corrected and sent home within one day of being completed, unless one has been hung on display or kept for a conference.  Please take the time to look at these papers each day and discuss them with your child.


I like to give the kids time to have a morning snack.  Please be sure that the snack is healthy, peanut free and something they can eat easily.  Also, they can bring in a water bottle to keep at their desk.  Please don’t send in juice, milk, chocolate milk, sports drinks or soda for snack time.  I try to have pretzels or crackers in the room in case anyone forgets a snack.  If you would like to donate a healthy snack for the class, it will be welcome anytime.



Monday: Media 

Tuesday: Art**

Wednesday: Computers and Music

Thursday: Phys Ed and Spanish

Friday: Phys Ed


*Children must wear sneakers for Physical Education


**Please send in an art smock (a big old shirt, for example) to be used for Art class.  This will be kept in your child’s backpack. 

Edit Section

If your child is absent and you want the homework for that day, please call the main office asking that the homework is sent home with a neighbor,  sibling or sent to the office for you to pick up after the school day is over.  If you call or email me about an absence or vacation, please call the office with the message as well.

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