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Mrs. Gaudious 2018-2019



Suggested Supply List:  (7/25/18) 

 One (1) box of tissues

 One (1) container of baby wipes or antibacterial wipes

 Two (2) large pink erasers

 Two (2) pocket sturdy solid colored folders (plastic, best)

 Two (2) containers of Play-doh

 Six (6) jumbo glue sticks

 Two (2) boxes 24 count Crayola crayons

 Two (2) thin marker highlighters – color of your choice

 Three (3) thin and three (3) thick dry erase markers-any color

 One (1) 8-pack washable markers

 Two (2) 1" binders with clear cover for inserts

 One (1) Art smock or large T shirt

 Two (2) boxes of 12 count No. 2 pencils

 One (1) clean sock for dry erase board

 Headphones for ipads/computers



Monday- Computers
Tuesday- Gym*
Wednesday- Music
Thursday- Media
Friday- Gym* and Art
* Children must wear sneakers for Gym.

I'm looking forward to a great year!



Mrs. Lora Gaudious 


732-202-1745 X 5106

Greenville School

Room 6