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Ms. Giordano ASI Teacher

Hi, I am Mrs. Giordano and I want to welcome you to ASI. ASI stands for Academic Support Instruction. If your child is in ASI, I am here to help them in reading and or math. I push-into classrooms, as well as, pull small groups of students out into my classroom. The most effective teaching strategy is pulling your child into my classroom several times a week for short intervals of 20 minutes. The shorter time period and meeting with your child more frequently, really helps your child build on all of the skills they need to be more successful in the classroom. The repetition is crucial at this age level. I plan my small groups according to your child's specific needs. I look forward to working with you and your child during this school year to help them be the best student that they can be! Remember it is a team effort and all your support at home goes a long way in their success!!