At-Home Learning Plan Extras for First Grade


 Here are some sites that we use in school and can be used at home:




Students also have their individual (non-fiction) library book which they should read and reread to practice reading strategies / as research for an anticipated animal writing assignment.



My Fundations Journals were sent home for student to write / respond in.

Some additional response prompt ideas include: 

My favorite part of the story….

My favorite character is ….

What is the problem and solution?

How are you and the main character alike or different?

Where does the story take place?

List some tricky words that you might not have known before and

use one in a sentence or paragraph.



    • A math packet was sent home; pages will be assigned daily. It also contains some games that we have used during center time this year. Student are familiar with these concepts.


Other websites that students can use to practice their math each day:

Xtra Math:

Happy Numbers:




  • Create Your Own Instrument:

Each student is asked to create their own instrument that makes sound with YOUR help. You and your child can be as creative as you want, using any recycled materials from the home.  Some examples can include toilet paper rolls, string, rubber bands, or plastic containers. Please have your child bring the instrument to school once they have completed it.  We will be celebrating the end of a science unit by sharing our instruments and taking part in a class discussion. Thank you for your help! We hope you enjoy being creative with your child!


Students can also view additional Mystery Doug videos that can be found on YouTube: