Welcome To The Media Center

Mrs. DobbinPoem

The Greenville Media Center serves as the information center for the school by providing a variety of resources for the reading enjoyment, research, STEAM activities and instructional needs of our students and teachers. Library resource provides instruction on use of library materials,  literature appreciation, informational research, and technology search skills. 

Our Media Center is a place where students come to check out books, engage as engineers in STEAM activities, and enhance their creativity in MAKERSPACE activities. 



If you need to contact Mrs. Dobbin, please email: pdobbin@howell.k12.nj.us 

Feel free to email me with any photos, videos, or questions that you may have.
I am available to support your child through his/her learning and provide feedback. 
Thank you for your support as we navigate this situation together as a team.

Just have fun with the lessons /activities and some of the Ideas I have posted. Whatever you do is fine! I have lots to choose from, do whatever you like. Read a book, that is perfect too.

I miss all of you keep up the great work!