Student Drop Off Procedures

Dear Greenville Parents and Guardians:

Welcome Back!  I hope you had a wonderful summer.  This letter has been updated from previous years due to the changes that have had to be made for this school year. As you can imagine, parent drop off and pick up will 2-3x the number as in past years.  In an effort to maintain the safe arrival/departure of our students who will be dropped off and picked up, I ask that you follow these procedures.  Your cooperation will provide safety for all persons involved. We all need to be patient with these procedures as the arrival and pickup are going to be much longer than in previous years.

Driving to Greenville School: 

In consultation with the district security director, Mr. Len Abline, and the Howell Township Police, parents/guardians will enter and leave the Greenville property via KUZMINSKI WAY.  This is to avoid traffic entering Ramtown School via Dr. Golden Lane.  This is the route you need to take for BOTH arrival and pickup. PLEASE SEE MAP.


Doors to receive students will begin at 7:55 a.m. Staff will be outside to assist.

  1. You will enter the property and drive to the side of the building (across from the softball field), loop around and stop your vehicle at the cafeteria doors.
  2. Your child will exit from the PASSENGER side door, closest to the building. Please have your child practice unbuckling their seatbelt, and opening the passenger door.
  3. Parents/guardians are not to get out of the vehicle.  Please say your goodbyes early on.
  4. Cars are not to exit the property passing the front of the building.  This continues to be drop off for the buses and vans. Please leave via the road that surrounds the parking lot. 
  5. Please be sure to stop for buses.

Once the side doors are closed, any students that arrive shall be escorted by a parent/guardian to the front of the building.  If buses are still lined up, wait until ALL buses have left the lineup.

Parents/guardians will follow the protocol when walking up to the building:

  • Ring the bell
  • Have your ID available
  • State your purpose (for example: dropping off child)
  • As you are aware, visitors will not be admitted without prior approval.  An office staff member will receive the child.



The partial day ends at 12:10 p.m. We will be calling students to the pickup zone prior to this time.  You may begin to line up 15 minutes prior.  There will be a table and staff members to assist you.  Please have your ID ready to present to staff.  Cones will be set up along the sidewalk to socially distance from others. Remember to look both ways when walking back to your vehicle. 

Please inform your day-care providers, etc. of these procedures. As noted, there will be a very high volume of traffic in the morning/afternoon and inclement weather increases delays.  Please be patient.

Safety is everyone’s number one priority at Greenville School.  Thank you for your cooperation in following our student drop off/pickup procedures. I look forward to a safe and enjoyable year with your children.


Lynn M. Coco, Principal