Mrs. Gaudious 2019-2020

Topic 14 Math Videos:

Compare by Length and Height


Which Container holds More?


Describe and Compare by Weight


Describing Objects by More than One Attribute


Video: Describe and Compare Objects by Measurable Attributes


Video: Measuring Rules




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If you finish all of the work provided you might want to try this for fun! 
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Monday, May 18th International Museum Day

Each year, all museums in the world are invited to participate in IMD to promote the role of museums around the world, creating unique, enjoyable and free activities. In honor of International Museum Day, have your child explore and visit the different museums through these Virtual Museum Tours. 

Smithsonian Natural History Museum

Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum

Boston Children’s Museum

The Field Museum

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

MMCA Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea

The Louvre



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