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Sept 2020



Partial Day Special Areas Schedule

(Required, Daily 12:50-1:30)



As you enter our class Zoom meeting, please update your name to your child's name.  As a participant, you have the following options available to you.

Zoom 1
Zoom 2

Zoom 3

I will update new information at the top of this website, by date.



Daily Learning Plan (All Students):

Prior to each school day, I will send you our Daily Learning Plan, on Seesaw, in your "inbox". This document will include our Zoom Link and the plan/directions for the day. Please do not complete any paper or digital assignments until they are assigned. Thank you!



This year we will celebrate your child's birthday by singing to your child and having your child share something special about themselves. Food and gifts for the class are not permitted.


Masks (N/A for 100% Virtual Students):

Please send your child to school wearing a clean mask that fits properly over their mouth and nose, along with extra masks, if needed.


Snack (N/A for 100% Virtual Students):

Each day, please provide your child with a "small healthy snack" to eat during our Mask Break. It must be a PEANUT/NUT FREE snack. The snack must be something your child can eat and clean up on their own in less than ten minutes. I suggest a snack that can be eaten with a fork/spoon or a snack they can drink to eliminate them "touching" their food.


Water Bottles (N/A for 100% Virtual Students):

Please send your child to school with a water bottle, daily.


Current Photo (All Students):

Please send in a current photo of your child (without wearing a mask) to display in our classroom. If you are 100% virtual you may email me a photo.


Supply Donations (N/A for 100% Virtual Students):

Items such as tissues, anti-bacterial hand wipes, Ziploc bags (any size), pencils or paper towels are always welcome and appreciated.



**Clever** (All Students):

Our school uses Clever (clever.com) as an easy way for students to access all learning applications they use at school in a single location. Once you follow the directions and log in you will have access to the necessary applications.


Seesaw (All Students):

I LOVE SEESAW! We will be using the Seesaw App this year for the students to post their work, along with allowing me to assign activities and provide feedback. We noticed that when the district transferred the student names, it created many "classes". At this time, we will only use the "Homeroom Class" to post assignments and activities. You will see the following icon next to "Homeroom 2 Monaco". Please only post assignments in this class.

HR Seesaw