District Reorganization and Preschool Expansion Update/Final School Hours and Tiers

Good Afternoon Howell Families, 
At last night's Board of Education meeting the finalized school hours and tier assignments were announced for September 2024. Please know the school hours in the link below indicate student times and include the current school year hours for your comparison. 

2024 School Tier Assignments

While the district was able to hear feedback from many different stakeholders, it is recognized that we are unable to accommodate all requests. It has been determined that this model will best meet the global needs of our over 6000 anticipated students for the Fall of 2024. Due to the fact that change can sometimes be unsettling we wanted to provide this information as soon as possible so that our families can make any necessary adjustments or arrangements for the upcoming school year.  
We are pleased to share at this time we will be affording grandfathering opportunities to all rising 8th an 7th graders. For families who have students falling into this category, you should anticipate receiving information after the New Year. We are continuing to evaluate additional grandfathering opportunities for all other grades. 
As the district continues to prepare for the opening of the 2024 school year, we will continue to keep you as informed as possible.