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About Our School

Greenville School provides students with opportunities to develop a life-long love of learning. Our school is a child-focused, nurturing environment that fosters independent thinkers and social problem solvers.  Greenville’s faculty works with all students to perform collaboratively and independently to produce quality work towards academic excellence. Greenville students grow to become responsible, thoughtful citizens, respectful of themselves and others. Greenville School continues to develop in our students a sense of belonging, as well as caring for others, and respect for diversity. In addition, we promote an active, healthy lifestyle for our students and the community at large through Gator Alley (a half-mile fitness trail around the perimeter of our athletic fields), Greenville Gardens Courtyard, and the PTO Color Run and Fun Run.

Guided by the New Jersey Student Learning Standards, daily life at Greenville School stresses the acquisition of academic skills for all students, challenging students to communicate skillfully while promoting higher level thinking and inquiry.  Greenville continues to take pride in the comprehensive learning environment offered to students.  Students are equipped with iPADS in every classroom, and they are regularly utilized through center activities, enhancing student learning in the content areas and making practice experiences fun and engaging for students.  For example, in Math students have the opportunity to practice odd and even numbers, patterns, addition and subtraction, number grids and charts, numerical order, and money on “ABCYa!”.  On the Educational Technology Community “SHOWMe”, students have the opportunity to create mathematical word problems and solve them while recording their work and findings.   In reading, students can practice reading skills (from letter recognition to sight word recognition to reading and answering questions about individually leveled reading passages) through the online programs/applications Starfall, ABCYa!, RAZ-KIDS, PBS Kids, and SHOWMe.  Students also utilize the presentation software application “Keynote” to create slideshows demonstrating understanding of any standards-based content by creating pictures using shape tools and text boxes.  Furthermore, students continue their learning outside of school via web-based programs such as Raz-Kids and Xtra Math.  Students are afforded the opportunity to utilize such programs over the summer as well. Students’ skills are measured through STAR assessments, Fountas and Pinnell benchmarks, writing and reading units, student journals, and a variety of informal/formal assessments. The Next Generation Science Standards are taught using the Mystery Science web-based program. The program enables teachers to email parents the information about the instructed topics. This is another opportunity to keep parents informed of what their children are learning.   

Teachers utilize the compilation of data to continually drive instructional decisions.  The ScIP, Data Meetings, and Professional Learning Communities encourage staff to work collaboratively to analyze data, identify effective classroom practice and strategies, create grade level benchmark assessments, and focus on student achievement. Schoology is the Learning Management System used for Professional Learning Communities and Networks. This system allows teams to communicate with ease when their schedules do not allow for face-to-face interaction.  The reorganization of our Academic Support Instructional program focuses on early intervention strategies. Instructional support is tiered through the RTI model and action plans are shared via the Learning Management System, Schoology and Google Docs.

Greenville School believes in nurturing the “whole child”, and the students have participated in a variety of activities that support this philosophy.  Activities included: the PTO jump-a-thon, diverse assemblies, Read Across America Week, Mad Science, StemBotics, STEAM Museum, Family Literacy/STEAM Night, Sing-n-Swing, Summer Reading Program, and anti-bullying presentations.  The PTO held activities such as Boo Bash, daughter/son nights, and Family Game Night. Teachers have received professional development on a healthy mindset, self-regulation strategies, and behavioral interventions. Greenville’s School Counselor, administration, and teachers piloted the web-based social and emotional wellness program Suite 360.  Tutorials for individual, group, and the whole class provide information and specific strategies to effectively navigate social and emotional challenges. Not only does the program offer remediation for students faced with challenges, but it is also used as a proactive measure to address topics such as Managing Emotions, Social Relationships, Honesty, Respect, and Working With Others. Personalized learning is embedded throughout all areas of the curriculum.  Additionally, students were offered choice periods during the week, STEM Club during lunches, Enrichment Clubs throughout the year, and resource periods throughout the year.  Many of these offerings were led by the computer teacher and Media Specialist.  The computer teacher also created coding challenges for all school members to participate.

The partnership between supportive parents and a dedicated staff provides students with educational experiences that make their school years fun and memorable. Greenville School is fortunate to have the support of a dedicated Parent Teacher Organization (PTO). The PTO communicates with the Greenville community through their website and Facebook page.   PTO not only provides age-appropriate family activities and enriching cultural arts experiences, but the organization also supports many educational programs within the school.  Because of the support of the PTO, Greenville’s Media Center is in the process of transforming to include a MakerSpace Lab for students that will provide additional opportunities to problem-solve and think critically through various Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math opportunities.  Administration has made a concerted effort to reinforce the carryover from school to home by providing resources and meetings with parents regarding the importance of daily practice, especially during the summer months. Parent communication is current via the School Messenger system and a very active Twitter feed that includes individual teacher accounts.  This year, teachers have implemented See-Saw into their classrooms, and the response from parents has been overwhelmingly positive.

Greenville students demonstrate positive behavior and good principles.  Students’ successes are posted on the “Gators Shine” board outside of the main office. Students who achieve “Student of the Month” have lunch with the principal. The Literacy Coach and Guidance Counselor held kind lessons. Greenville School participated in Safe Schools and Red Ribbon Week activities, Global School Play Day, and The Week of the Child. Students learn to work cooperatively with others through effective communication skills, strategize to handle conflict in their daily lives, and evaluate their own actions and accomplishments.

Greenville School is a place where students want to be! They enter the school each morning with happy faces and eager attitudes, often running off of the bus to their classes.  This is not by chance!  Greenville School is a positive environment where students, staff, and parents are dedicated and committed to working together to prepare our children to become successful, contributing members of our 21st century society.