Student Drop Off Letter


 school                                                                                                                    September, 2018


Dear Greenville Parents and Guardians:

You have two options:  You may drop off your child from the vehicle along the sidewalk directly across from the fields via the PASSENGER side door OR you may wait until all buses have left and walk your child(ren) to the main entrance.  Staff members will be at the corner to oversee the drop off zone.  In order to keep the line of vehicles moving, please have your child(ren) exit from the passenger side and then move on. Students enter the building at 8 a.m.


Once you drop your child(ren) off, please vacate the property using the side road.  Please do not exit past the buses parked/lined up. 


Homeroom begins at 8:05 a.m. All tardy students shall be escorted by a parent/guardian to the main office.  Should you need to enter the main office at the beginning of the school day, you will need to wait until ALL buses have left the lineup.


It is imperative that you follow these procedures and use the drop-off zone if needed.  Please do not walk across the driveway or through the buses. Please inform your day-care providers, etc. of these procedures. There is a very high volume of traffic in the morning and inclement weather only makes it more of a hazard.


Safety is everyone’s number one priority at Greenville School.  Thank you for your cooperation in following our student drop-off procedures. I look forward to a safe and enjoyable year with your children.



Lynn M. Coco, Principal