WELCOME! Mrs. Mack is so h"app"y you are back!

Hi!  I am Mrs. Mack and I will be your computer teacher at Greenville School.  We are about to have a wonderful school year.  You will be using your iPads a lot this year and will learn to love technology.  Don't forget to "unplug" sometimes and give yourself a break.  It is important to have a good balance when using your technology.  Mrs. Mack spent her summer with her children, Logan and Isabelle.  They are 18 and 14.  We had a relaxing summer and are looking forward to many new and exciting things this school year.  My family and I love spending time together, especially when we can be outdoors.  Are you ready to learn a lot this school year?  I am so h"app"y to be your computer teacher.  #mackattack
***Once you connect with your homeroom teacher and your clever account, you will see Mrs. Mack's activities and messages on SEESAW!!! *** 
I am looking forward to a great school year!
********Please read the directions on how to access SPECIAL AREAS USING YOUR CHILD'S CLEVER APP!*********